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Dubai Airshow Starts Should We Lookout For Any Announcements?

Air shows are an occasion that attract all the attention of the aviation industry. They give the chance to airlines and manufacturers to meet face to face and in many cases close deals. That was the case for the Paris Air show earlier during the summer. In that case Indian airlines such as Indigo and Air India placed some of the biggest orders of aviation history. There wasn’t though all that much action from middle eastern carriers. So should we be on the lookout for some announcements at the Dubai Air Show?

When Will The Dubai Air Show Take Place?

The Dubai Air Show has become over the years one of the most important events for civil aviation. The event will start on November 13th 2023 and end on the 17th. Therefore the upcoming one will be a week with a very busy schedule during which airlines and manufacturers will show off they latest products.

Where Will The Dubai Air Show Take Place?

The venue as in past years will be the fairly quiet airport of Dubai World Central. The airport is located inland in the desert and doesn’t see all that much traffic on the day to day basis. That means that by locating the air show here disruptions to commercial operations in Dubai’s extremely busy DXB are minimal.

An Important Return

The most notable presence at the air show is that of Qatar Airways. The airline hadn’t participated at the event since 2015. After then from 2017 to 2021 the airline clashed, as did the government of Qatar, with its neighbours hence it didn’t participate in the air show.

Furthermore all eyes will be on Qatar Airways as this will be the first chance for all of us to get a feel for what the airline’s plans for the post Akbar Al Baker era are.

Emirates Airbus A380-800 at Dubai Airport Terminal 3

Which Are The Most Notable Planes on Display?

The largest aircraft manufacturers are bringing to the show the planes they hope to sell to possibile clients in the area.

Airbus will be displaying the A321neo, however some airlines will be also displaying some other Airbus aircraft. For instance Emirates will be of course bringing the A380, although it’s no longer in production, while Qatar Airways will bring along the A350-1000.

Boeing on the other hand will be bringing the 787-9 and the 777X. We’ll be paying attention to any news from the american manufacturer regarding how the development of the might new 777 is progressing. They clearly can’t afford any more delays. As in Airbus’ case some Boeing clients are also bring some US planes.

  • Emirates is bringing the 777-300ER
  • Qatar Airways the 787-9
  • FlyDubai the 737 MAX 8
  • Saudia the 787-10

Finally Embraer will also be present with its E195-E2 hoping to rack up some much needed orders for the its new generation of jets.

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