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Is The Boeing 777 a Good Plane?

Boeing has proven itself over the decades as one of the two biggest forces in the aircraft manufacturing. The firm has outcompeted the likes of McDonnell-Douglas and Lockheed in the United States, proving itself as the driving North American force in aviation. The only true competition Boeing has on the worldwide scene is Airbus, the European manufacturer. That being said in today’s post we’ll be answering the question: is the Boeing 777 a good plane?

Is The Boeing 777 a Good Plane?

In short the answer is yes. This aircraft type is one of the most successful ever designed and built by Boeing. The firm has delivered so far 1,463 models to airlines and leasing firms in every corner of the world.

The biggest user of the type is without a doubt Emirates. The Dubai based airline has a fleet of 132 Boeing 777 in its two sizes (200 and 300 series).

Boeing 777 on final approach

What Makes It a Good Plane?

First of all it is an extremely safe plane with an excellent safety record. However from the passenger’s point of view its spacious cabin is very comfortable not giving a claustrophobic feeling. Also its size makes the effects of turbulence less evident, when compared to smaller single aisle narrow body planes.

From the airlines’ point of vie the plane is a true workhorse with some very attractive features. The plane in its bigger variant can accomodate anywhere between 340 and 450 passengers on a full load. This means that airlines can carry significant numbers of passengers on a single trip. This is something particularly useful to serve congested airports.

The range is the other key factor when talking about the Boeing 777. The LR (Long Range) and ER (Extended Range) versions of the plane enable airlines to serve extremely long routes up to 15.845 km (or 8.500 miles). Finally its wide fuselage also allows to transport a good amount of belly cargo on routes served, a source of extra revenue for airlines.

These are the main reasons why the Boeing 777 is a good plane from passengers’ and airlines’ point of view.

Is the Boeing 777 a good plane?

Which Variants Of The Boeing 777 Exist?

There are 5 main passenger variants of the Boeing 777:

  • 777-200
  • 777-300
  • 777-300ER
  • 777-200ER
  • 777-200LR

The 200 variants are smaller in size and have a smaller passenger capacity. The LR and ER variants are fitted with larger tanks to enable them to achieve longer flying times and cover larger distances.

The first variant to enter the market was the 200 in 1994, while the last variant to enter service was the 200LR variant which started flying in 2006.

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