Boeing Gets Clearance For 737 MAX 10 Certification Flights

Finally Boeing receives some encouraging news regarding its largest Boeing 737 MAX variant. The American manufacturer has had quite some issues getting through the twists and turns of bureaucracy in order to get the 737 MAX 10 certified and ready to be delivered to clients across the globe. But things are changing.

Boeing Receives FAA Clearance For 737 MAX 10 Certification Flights

While Airbus is working on getting its A321XLR approved, across the pond Boeing is working on its highest capacity new generation 737’s certification.

Until now the Boeing 737 MAX 10 was still to enter the last phase of the bureaucratic process that would lead to the first deliveries taking place.

However the Seattle based aircraft builder has finally gotten the green light from the FAA to start certification flights. These flights are necessary to ensure that all is good with the aircraft and its systems before the final sign off from the FAA which will allow the type to carry passengers.

The timeline now should see the certification take place in 2024 with a possible entry into service in 2025.

Boeing 737 MAX in Seattle during Testing

Why Is This Important News?

There are at least 2 reasons why this is an extremely important piece of news for Boeing:

  1. Once the 737 MAX 10 is approved, Boeing’s 737 lineup will be complete. Therefore it will be able to compete head to head with the Airbus A321 which has gained huge momentum over the years.
  2. As Boeing has scrapped any plan to design a 757 replacement, the 737 MAX 10 is the closest plane in the Boeing lineup to it. Although it lacks the range the 757 had it goes very close in terms of capacity. Therefore this plane would fill the single aisle medium capacity gap that currently exists.

Soon Some Other Important Boeing 737 News?

Possibly by the end of the year we might be getting some other significant 737 related news. In fact the another MAX family jet should be soon certified to fly for airlines around the world. That would be the 737 MAX 7 which Southwest is eagerly awaiting. The first passenger 737 MAX 7 should be taking to the sky sometime in 2024, finally.

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