Boeing Forecasts China’s Aviation Market Will Need 8,500+ New Planes by 2042

The latest forecast published by Boeing outlines a scenario where in 2042 China will be the largest aviation market in the world. Therefore the asian country will need a significant number of planes to help support the air travel demand growth. Here’s what the next 20 years will look like in China according to Boeing.

Becoming The Largest Aviation Market Worldwide

The first piece of information that comes out of the latest Boeing report is the fact that China is forecasted to become the largest air travel market in the world. This translates to a need for an incredible number of planes.

Airlines in the country will need to replace ageing planes and expand their fleets. So much so that the forecast is for China to absorb 20% of all plane deliveries worldwide. The fleet of Chinese registered planes should double to 9,600 jets according to the Seattle based manufacturer.

This data matches up with the previous report by the American manufacturer regarding the need for crew. You can take a look at that data in this other post.

Boeing forecasts China Will Need 8,500+ new planes in coming 20 years

What Kind Of Planes Will China Need?

So now we know that China will need planes, and lots of them. However we still didn’t take a closer look at what type of planes the country will be needing, according to the report, to fuel its growing demand.

According to Boeing the type of plane in highest demand, as in other regions, will be twin engine single aisles. Manufacturers are investing heavily on developing these planes and they are rapidly becoming the most efficient option for airlines on many routes. The figure put out, is that China will need almost 6,500 single aisle narrow body planes by 2042.

However here’s the complete rundown of the aircraft types and the figures that are thought to be needed in the next 20 years:

  • 350 Regional Jets
  • 6,470 Single Aisle Jets
  • 1,550 Wide Body Jets
  • 190 Freighters

Only time will tell if these figures along with the projections for the Chinese market are correct.

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