Which Airports Have Airside Transit Hotels?

Ever found yourself dreading a long layover? Picture this: stepping off your plane and into a cozy hotel room without ever leaving the airport. Welcome to the world of air-side hotels, the unsung heroes of airport transit! These convenient havens offer a slice of relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of international travel. Imagine no customs clearance, no visa hassles, and no frantic rush to re-enter the airport. Instead, you’re enveloped in the comfort of a plush bed, a quiet room, and maybe even a hot shower. Whether it’s catching some much-needed Zs, freshening up, or just unwinding in a peaceful environment, air-side hotels transform your travel experience. They’re not just about convenience; they’re about recharging your batteries, literally and figuratively, before you jet off to your next destination. So, which airports feature air-side hotels? Let’s find out.

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First Of All, What is An Air-Side Hotel?

A air-side hotel is a hotel which is located past the security checks of the airport. Therefore they are only accessible to passengers travelling on flights.

The main benefit of this location, is that you will not need to go through customs, immigration nor do they need to collect their bags. You will only have to make your way to the hotel check-in and cozy up in your room for the night, or stay.

The downside is that all the convenience comes at a cost. You’ll have to part ways with a much larger amount of cash in order to stay at one of these hotels compared to a regular hotel or even a land-side airport hotel.

Also the fact that these hotels cater to transiting passengers means that they will only be available in the larger more trafficked hubs. As we’ll see later in this post almost all air-side hotels are in large connecting hubs.

People resting on airport benches at Hong Kong International Airport not using an air-side transit hotel

How Do Air-Side Hotels Charge For Stays?

These hotels, as we have seen so far, are quite unique. Unsurprisingly they also operate in a different way with traditional hotels.

They don’t just offer rooms by the night but also with other solutions to cater to the vast variety of needs transit passengers have.

For those needing just a few hours of rest, there are short-stay packages ranging from four to six hours. This is ideal for travelers looking to rejuvenate between flights without committing to a full night’s stay. These short-stay options often include access to essential amenities like a private shower, a comfortable bed, and Wi-Fi, ensuring a refreshing break from the airport hustle.

Longer stays are also available, catering to passengers with extended layovers. These packages provide the comfort of a full night’s rest, with the added convenience of being just minutes away from the departure gates. The rooms, though compact, are designed for efficiency and comfort, boasting modern amenities that promise a restful experience.

Therefore these very special hotels will charge by package chosen or by the hour, depending on the travellers needs. Prices are on the higher end of the spectrum, as mentioned. A full night stay will set you back at least 200 Euro at any of the major airports. Hourly rates on the other hand are in the order of 40 Euro per hour, so a short sleep between flights is all-in-all affordable for many.

Person asleep on bench at Airport

Which Airports Have Airside Transit Hotels?

The luxury and comfort of this very unique amenity is something that is not available to every airport. In order to make it a viable business they need large numbers of transiting passengers. Therefore you’ll only come across them in the busiest transit airports around the world. The list features:

Hotel NameAirportAirport Code
Aerotel SingaporeChangi Airport, Singapore, SingaporeSIN
Dubai International HotelDubai International Airport, UAEDXB
AerotelHeathrow Airport, London, UKLHR
Aerotel Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur International Airport, MalaysiaKUL
Air Rooms Madrid Airport by Premium TravellerAdolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, SpainMAD
Incheon Airport Transit HotelIncheon International Airport, Seoul, South KoreaICN
YOTELAIR Paris Charles De GaulleCharles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, FranceCDG
YOTELAIR Amsterdam SchipholAmsterdam Schiphol Airport, NetherlandsAMS
YOTELAIR Istanbul AirportIstanbul Airport, TurkeyIST
Aerotel Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro International Airport, BrazilGIG
Sama Sama Express KLIA2Kuala Lumpur International Airport, MalaysiaKUL
Ambassador Transit HotelChangi Airport, SingaporeSIN
GoSleep PodsAbu Dhabi International Airport, UAEAUH
Capsule TransitKuala Lumpur International Airport, MalaysiaKUL
Minute SuitesJackson Atlanta International Airport, USAATL
Sleep 'n fly LoungeDubai International Airport, UAEDXB
Sleep 'n fly LoungeHamad International Airport, Doha, QatarDOH
Aerotel Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi International Airport, UAEAUH
Aerotel BeijingBeijing Daxing International Airport, ChinaPKX
Miracle Transit HotelSuvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, ThailandBKK
Oryx Airport HotelHamad International Airport, Doha, QatarDOH
AerotelRiyadh Airport, Saudi ArabiaRUH
AerotelJeddah Airport, Saudi ArabiaJED

When Does It Make Sense To Book an Air-Side Transit Hotel Room?

It makes particularly sense to book an air-side transit hotel in a couple of situations. Such as:

  • You have important engagements at your destination and also have a long layover on your way there. In order to be at your best once at destination it is a great idea to enjoy a good rest in one of these hotels, although the prices might not be exactly cheap.
  • You have found a insanely good deal on a flight with a super low rate, but it includes a long transit time. If the cost of the hotel isn’t higher than the amount you are saving on your ticket, you might as well enjoy a good sleep in a bed, instead of airport benches or a floor.

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