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How To Get From Milan Malpensa and Linate Airport to The City Center

Milan is Italy’s financial center and one of the main fashion hubs in the world. Along with many business travellers, many tourist also visit the city or start their Italian holiday from here. So let’s take a look at how to get from Milan’s two airports, Malpensa Airport and Linate Airport, to the city center.

Getting From Linate Airport to Milan

Let’s kick things off with the smaller of the two airports. It’s likely you’ll arrive at this airport if you are flying in from another European city.

Linate is considered to be Milan’s city airport, particularly because of its location in proximity of the city. Malpensa on the other hand is much further out.

Although located in close proximity to the city, Linate only recently got its very own metro station. Finally there is an easy, convenient and cheap way to get to and from the airport. At the moment the M4 line reaches Piazza San Babila where you can transfer to the M1 line that connects to all other metro lines.

As of June 2023 you have 3 options when choosing a means of transport from Milan to Linate Airport:

  • Metro
  • Bus
  • Taxi

Milan Linate Airport Alitalia Plane on Apron

Metro From and To Linate

The new M4 Milan metro line is without a doubt the fastest and most efficient way to get to and from Milan Linate Airport. A ticket to the Milan underground valid to reach the airport will cost you 2,20€ and you don’t even need to buy a paper ticket. The Milan metro system has contactless card payment technology fitted in meaning you can simply pay with you credit card at the turnstiles.

At the moment the M4 line only connects to the red M1 line in Piazza San Babila. The ride from San Babila to the airport is a short 12 minutes.

Bus From and To Linate

If you’re looking to take the bus you’ll have various options, both public and private services. The public ATM (Milan’s transport company) bus service line 73 will get you from and to Linate Airport with the end of the line at Duomo M1 station.

The cost will be included in a normal public transport ticket. While it will take approximately 60 minutes to get from Duomo to Linate on this service.

Private bus services are instead operated by:

  • Airport Bus Express
  • Starfly
  • AirPullman

These will offer a considerable amount of connections to Linate Airport for a one way price of 5 to 7 euro. The running time of the route is approximately 25 minutes.

Taxi From and To Linate

Lastly if you prefer taking a taxi the fare will be anywhere in between 25 and 30 Euro for a one way ride. Make sure though to choose the official city’s taxies to get this price.

If its not marked as taxi you might be getting into an NCC (rental with driver) which are more expensive and you’ll have to find an agreement wit the driver for the fare.

Getting From Malpensa Airport to Milan

Malepensa the airport where most long haul flights will arrive in Milan. It is significantly bigger than Linate, however it is at quite a distance from the city center.

There are three ways to get from Malpensa Airport to Milan and viceversa:

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Taxi/NCC

How to get from Malpensa Airpot to Milan

Taxi From and To Malpensa

This is without a doubt the most expensive option to get from and to Milan Malpensa international airport. Taxies apply a flat fare on this route of 104 Euro for a one way trip.

Also keep in mind that the cost might be higher with NCCs (rental with driver) which are not marked as official city taxies. In the case of an NCC make sure to agree a price before getting in the cab.

Train From and To Malpensa

Clearly due to its distance to the city Malpensa doesn’t have a metro station, however it is served by an express train service. The Malpensa Express links the airport’s two terminals to downtown every half an hour.

The travel time between Malpensa and Milan is approximately 55 minutes. A one way ride will cost 13 Euro.

Bus From and To Malpensa

All bus rides will take approximately 1 hour to get from the airport to the city (Central Train Station – Milano Centrale), so a little more than the train. However you’ll have more options to choose from as 3 operators cover the route.

  • Terravision
  • Airport Bus Express
  • Air Pullman

Unsurprisingly all 3 operators have aligned on the price for the route, 10 Euro for a one way ticket.

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