Rome Fiumicino Will Have Europe’s Largest self-consumption Photovoltaic System

After undergoing a massive renovation over the past years, that brought Rome Fiumicino airport up to par with other major aviation hubs, the airport is now ready for another huge upgrade. Soon Rome Fiumicino international airport will feature Europe’s largest self-consumption photovoltaic system. Let’s take a closer look at what the news is all about.

The Details About Rome Fiumicino Airport’s New Photovoltaic System

After playing catch up with other major airports in Europe and around the world, finally Rome’s main international airport is ready to innovate.

The new photovoltaic system will be, as already mentioned, the largest self-consumption system in Europe. It’ll feature approximately 55,000 solar panels which will be placed inside the airport’s perimeter. The panels will cover a total surface of 340,000 square meters and once switched on will have a capacity of 22 Megawatts. Every year the system’s output is estimated around 32 GWh. A massive quantity of renewable electricity.

Rome Fiumicino Airport’s new photovoltaic system will be of strategic importance to reduce its carbon footprint. Over 11,000 tons of CO2 will not be produced every single year thanks to this new system.

Also, in order to further increase the system’s efficiency, FCO will also install an energy storage system. In order to keep things as green as possible, the storage system will be created using re-used EV batteries. Total storage capacity will be 10 MWh.

Rome Fiumicino Will Have Europe's Largest self-consumption Photovoltaic System

When Will FCO Get Its New Photovoltaic System?

The wait won’t be too long. Work on the project will start as early as late 2023, with completion of the project in program for 2024.

Where Will The System Be Placed?

The new photovoltaic system will be placed along the airport’s 3rd runway, that would be runway 16L/34R. For those less accustomed with FCO airport that is the most inland runway present at the airport.

Which Company Will Build it?

Enel X won the bid to create FCO’s new solar power plant. Enel X is a company controlled by Italian energy giant Enel which specialises in this kind of technology.

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