Schiphol Airport Passengers Surpass the 6 Million Mark in July 2023

Although the future will see Amsterdam Schiphol airport probably struggle somewhat with the flight reduction imposed by the government, in 2023 the mega hub seems to be making great progress in recovering pre pandemic traffic levels. Just as seen in Dubai International Airport’s (DXB) report yesterday AMS is also getting very close to pre-covid traffic levels. Let’s take a closer look at what is going on in terms of traffic at Amsterdam Airport.

Amsterdam Hits 6 Million Passengers in July 2023

The world of aviation is finally getting close to reaching levels of traffic which have not been seen since 2019. That means that air travel is finally returning to normality. Amsterdam Schiphol passenger traffic figures for July was:

  • 6.009.458 pax in July 2023
  • 5.179.725 pax in July 2022
  • 6.724.023 pax in July 2019

So as you can see traffic levels are starting to get very close to what they looked like before the past 3 horrible years for air travel.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport welcomes over 6 million passengers in July 2023

Some Traffic Breakdowns

Among those 6 million passengers that Amsterdam International Airport announced to have welcomed in July 2023:

  • 3,9 Million passengers ended or started their journey at Schiphol
  • 2,1 Million passengers transited via the airport to other destinations

Europe is unsurprisingly the main source of incoming and outgoing traffic from Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Here’s how traffic split between continental European traffic and Intercontinental (extra EU):

  • 4,2 Million passengers travelled from and to European destinations
  • 1,8 Million passengers travelled to destinations beyond the EU’s borders

Cargo Flights Declines

Also unsurprisingly the number of cargo flights has continued to decline. With more passenger hold cargo capacity becoming available as passenger flights rise there is less need to cargo dedicated flights to transport goods. In July 2023 the total number of cargo flights was 1.315 against the 1.424 registered in 2022.

Amsterdam Schiphol Traffic at Almost 35 Millions Passengers in 2023

YearMonthNumber of PassengersNumber of PAX FlightsCargo TonsCargo Flights

With the 6+ Million passengers travelling via Schiphol in July the total figure for 2023 is just shy of the 35 million mark. July has been, to date, the busiest month of the year. However it is quite possible that it’ll be surpassed by August.

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