Amsterdam Schiphol Wraps Up 2023 With a Huge Recovery

The year that just came to a closing was an important one for the aviation sector as a whole. Airlines and airports alike benefited by huge numbers of passengers travelling in numbers similar or above to those of 2019. A huge achievement if we just stop and think about where aviation stood in late 2020. Among the airports to have almost completed its post 2020 recovery, is Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Here’s how the airport performed in 2023.

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Amsterdam Schiphol’s 2023 performance recap

Amsterdam is among the most important air travel hubs in Europe. The airport handles a huge amount of flights on a daily basis with services from around the globe. Among other things Schiphol is one of 2 SkyTeam alliance hubs in Europe, along with Paris’ CDG and therefore is a massive transit airport for millions of incoming and outgoing passengers on Air France, KLM, Delta and other SkyTeam airlines.

International traffic at AMS, as was the case with many European airports benefitted by large numbers of tourists visiting the continent from North America. It’s therefore unsurprising to find out that the busiest month, both in terms of passenger volumes and flight numbers was August. That is the month most Europeans are on holidays and most Americans visit from overseas.

YearMonthNumber of PassengersNumber of PAX FlightsCargo TonsCargo Flights

Overall the airport wraps up 2023 with a huge number of passengers handled. Almost 62 million passengers have travelled via Amsterdam’s international airport.

Amsterdam Schiphol airport handled almost 62 million passengers in 2023

Further Unrestricted Potential To Grow

Furthermore with thee Dutch government trashing its plans to limit the number of flights the airport is allowed to handles, there is once again a growth outlook for coming years. The airport can continue to grow and plan to handle even more passengers in 2024 and 2025. Work to make the airport more efficient is already underway with projects such as the completion of the airport’s dual taxiway.

To stay up to date on the traffic volumes of Amsterdam Schiphol airport, make sure to visit regularly this other page.

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