Bermudian Ready To Start Operations, Here’s Where It’ll Fly and When

As is the case with La Compagnie, which I talked about in detail in this article, today we’re covering another airline which will be offering an all business class onboard experience. On August 31st 2023 the new Bermuda based airline Bermudiar will start operations with flights operating out of Wade International Airport. So let’s take a look at when how and where this new carrier will operate its flights.

When Will Bermudair Start Operations?

The Bermuda based carrier is all set to get started with its first flights. However its premium product will only arrive later in the year, as we’ll later see.

The first flights will start connecting the US east coast and the island of Bermuda from August 31st 2023.

All Business Class Only Starting November 1st 2023?

The carrier has quite a unique and ambitious plan for its onboard product. The carrier will be offering a 1 class configurations on its flights from the US to Bermuda. However that 1 class won’t be economy, it’ll be Business class.

The unfortunate news is that operations will start with its planes not setup in the all business class configuration, for 2 full months.

Only starting November 1st 2023 will the new game-changing, so called, aisle class take to the skies.

Bermudair starts operations on August 31st 2023

What About Their Fleet and Cabin Configuration?

Bermudair will be operating a rather small fleet for the foreseeable future. The aircraft chosen for its services is the Brazilian made Embraer E175.

As of August 26th 2023 Bermudair has just received it’s first Embraer E175 with registration number:

  • VQ-BLW

This particular plane is 11 years old and flew from 2012 to 2019 for British carrier Flybe. The airline is expecting to receive a second E175 to enable it to serve with greater flexibility its destination network.

At the moment the E175 (VQ-BLW) is configured with a not so fancy 1 class economy cabin featuring 88 seats in a 1-2 layout. However when the so called Aisle Class will be introduced the layout will shift to 1-1 with only 30 seats in all the plane.

Also hatracks will be removed making the cabin very roomy and airy. Each passenger will have direct aisle access and a window view, no matter which seat they end up travelling in.

The Bermudair Launch Destination Network?

Bermudair Network Map

Bermudair will hit things off serving 3 destinations from its base in Bermuda (BDA):

  • Boston (BOS) – Starting August 31st
  • Westchester County (HPN) – Starting August 31st
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Starting September 22nd

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