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The Emirates Airbus A380 Returns to Christchurch

Today, the 27th of March 2023, was quite an important day for Emirates and the Christchurch airport in New Zealand. The middle eastern aviation giant has recommenced operations to and from the Kiwi city using its largest and most comfortable aircraft: the Airbus A380. Let’s find out more about the news and how Emirates operations will change in and out of Christchurch from now on.

The Emirates A380 Returns to Christchurch, New Zealand

This is not a first time for the EK Airbus A380 in Christchurch Airport. The mighty plane used to serve regularly the city located in the southern island of New Zealand. The first Emirates A380 flights from Dubai to Christchurch (via Sydney) had started in 2016. Flights where then forced to stop when the pandemic hit the aviation and travel industry.

That means that flight EK412 was the first Emirates Airbus A380 to land in Christchurch in over 3 years. The aircraft was therefore welcomed with a water cannon salute. Something reserved only for truly special occasions in the world of aviation.

Emirates Airbus A380 Landing in Christchurch New Zealand*

A Significant Boost in Seat and Cargo Capacity

The return of the Emirates A380 to the Dubai to Christchurch flight is particularly significant for both passengers and cargo. On the passenger’s side of things it will allow the airline to carry more passengers in the coming busy months of northern hemisphere summer, while also increasing margins and profits by carrying more cargo.

How Will The Emirates Operations Change in Christchurch?

The return of the Emirates A380 means that there will be some operational changes. The aircraft will fly trip number EK412. That is the multi sector flight that departs Dubai, makes a stop in Sydney and then flies onwards to Christchurch.

Flight EK412 which is now operated by the A380 will cover the route following this schedule on a daily basis:

  • EK412 will fly out of Dubai (DXB) at 10:15 and arrive into Sydney (SYD) at 07:00 the next morning. After a short stop EK412 will fly out of Sydney (SYD) at 08:45 to land at its final destination Christchurch (CHC) at 13:55.
  • The return flight EK413 will fly out of Christchurch (CHC) at 18:20 and arrive into Sydney (SYD) at 19:40 the next morning. After a short stop EK412 will fly out of Sydney (SYD) at 21:45 to land at its destination Dubai (DXB) at 05:15.

As more Emirates A380 go through maintenance we’ll also be able to spot more regularly the double decker plane in the new EK livery.

*Image credit: Emirates

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