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Qatar Airways Returns to Birmingham in Summer 2023

Summer of 2023 is checking all the boxes to be a really hectic summer for the aviation industry. If all goes as hoped many airlines and airports won’t be too far off having recovered their pre pandemic capacity. One of the airlines aggressively trying to make up the lost ground is Qatar Airways. The middle eastern carrier has just announced a new service to the UK and no it is no to London. Let’s find out about resumption of Qatar Airways QR35 flight from Doha to Birmingham.

Qatar Airways Resuming Doha to Birmingham flight QR35 in Summer 2023

The great news for travellers on their way out or in to the UK is that Qatar Airways will be resuming flights to Birmingham International Airport (BHX) starting July 6th 2023. The not so great news is that it’ll initially be just a seasonal flight. Therefore at the moment QR35 is expected to connect Doha and Birmingham only throughout the summer season of 2023. We’ll only later find out if it’ll be changed to a regular year round destination in QR’s network.

While active the Doha Birmingham QR35 Qatar Airways flight will have a daily frequency, granting great travel choices to passengers. Also the flight will be active just in time to accomodate incoming and outgoing traffic for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Silverstone. As for the schedule of the flight:

  • QR35 will depart Doha (DOH) at 02:20 arriving into Birmingham (BHX) at 07:30. Scheduled flight time is 7 hours 30 minutes.
  • The return flight QR36 will depart Birmingham (BHX) at 09:00 arriving back into Doha (DOH) at 17:55. The return leg is slightly shorter with 6 hours 55 minutes scheduled flight time.

Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 for flight QR35 Doha to Birmingham

The Plane Deployed on The Route

Qatar Airways will deploy one of its smallest long range wide body aircraft on this route. Passengers of flight QR35 will fly the Boeing 787-8. This is the smallest variant of the Boeing 787 lineup. However it still retains all the beloved characteristics of the larger versions 9 and 10.

Because of its smaller size the Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 features only a 2 class configuration with a total capacity of 254 passengers in the following layout:

  • 22 Business Class Seats
  • 232 Economy Class Seats

If you’re looking to book a plane ticket on Qatar Airways’ QR35 Doha to Birmingham flight make sure you are aware of the fact that you’ll be travelling on the regular QR business class not in a QSuite. The Boeing 787-8 isn’t fitted with this more exclusive business class cabin.

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