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Emirates Makes Toronto a Daily Flight

Although Emirates has been serving the city of Toronto, Canada, since 2007 it could never make of it a daily flight. That was due to reasons beyond the airline’s control. However things have significantly changed recently with the Dubai based airline announcing today that it’ll make it’s Dubai-Toronto flight (DXB-YYZ) a daily service. Let’s find out all about this latest piece of news coming from Emirates.

Emirates Dubai Toronto Flight Becoming a Daily Service

Emirates flight EK241 will be the one getting the upgrade. This flight, starting April 20th 2023, will pass from a 5 times weekly connection to a daily flight. A huge jump in capacity on the Dubai Toronto route.

Although it’s not a new flight added to the EK schedule here’s a reminder of flight EK241 operates:

  • EK241 departs Dubai (DXB) at 03:30 in the morning and arrives at 09:30 intro Toronto (YYZ).
  • Return flight EK242 departs Toronto (YYZ) at 14:30 and arrives into Dubai (DXB) at 11:15 the next day.

Emirates A380 for Dubai Toronto Flight EK241

Why Has EK241 Become Daily Only Now?

The reason why Emirates couldn’t increase its capacity and frequency on Canadian flight before has to do with diplomatic relations between Canada and the UAE. There were unresolved issues between the two countries governments. These were overcome only in recent months when Canada UAE relation dramatically improved.

As a result of the improvement of relations a new air transport agreement was signed allowing UAE based airlines (ergo Etihad and Emirates) to expand operations in Canada. The airline underlined in its press release how important this increase in frequency and capacity is, particularly to offer more seats to passengers travelling from and to the Indian subcontinent.

Which Plane is on Flight EK241?

The Dubai Toronto flight EK241 is one of the oldest standing Airbus A380 services offered by Emirates. The airline will deploy on a daily basis the giant airliner in its ULR 3 class configuration configuration featuring:

  • 14 First Class Suites
  • 76 Business Class flat bed seats
  • 399 Economy Class seats

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