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Emirates Introduces the A380 on Its Bali Route

A sign of global passenger figures picking up is the fact that many airlines are introducing again their larger capacity planes on their routes. We saw, just this week, Lufthansa bring back the Airbus A380 to some destinations in the US. This time we’re talking about the biggest A380 user in the world, Emirates. The Dubai based airline is bringing back the A380 to its Dubai Bali flights. Let’s find out what the news is all about.

The Emirates A380 Returns to Bali

At the moment Emirates operates a double daily flight from Dubai to Bali. These flights at the moment are both flown using the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER. These are aircraft that can accomodate anywhere between 360 and 420 passengers depending on the configuration. So these are by no means small planes.

However Emirates recognises that it need further capacity in the coming months with the summer season about to hit in Europe and North America. That’s why the Dubai based airline not only will be deploying its largest aircraft, the A380, but it’ll be in its most dense configuration. This will take effect starting June 1st 2023.

Emirates will be flying one of its 2 daily flights between Dubai and Bali (Denpasar) with the Airbus A380 in a 2 class configuration which features:

  • 58 Business Class Seats
  • 557 Economy Class Seats

In this configuration part of the economy seats are housed in the forward section of the aircraft’s upper deck.

Emirates Airlines A380 for EK368 Dubai Bali flight

Which Dubai Bali Flight is Changing?

As mentioned before only one of the two active flights from Dubai to Denpasar (Bali) will be switched over to the Airbus A380. That flight will be EK368 which will operate according to the following schedule:

  • Flight EK368 will fly every day out of Dubai (DXB) at 03:25 and arrive in to Denpasar International Airport (DPS) at 16:35.
  • The return flight EK369 will fly out of Denpasar (DPS) at 19:40 arriving into Dubai (DXB) at 00:45.

The flights are, as all Emirates flights, timed to intercept the wave of departures and arrivals for European destinations.

Larger Planes A Trend For 2023?

With the shortage of crew and planes that is affecting the industry in 2023, as a result of covid, airlines are bringing back more and more their higher capacity planes. This is something we might se quite a bit of in 2023.

It’s a trend likely to continue for the near future. Only when the shortage of pilots and planes will alleviate, this will be likely to change. However it means that like on the Dubai Bali route passengers get to enjoy a more comfortable experience.

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