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Wizz Air Adds 75 A321neo to Its Current Airbus Order

Wizz Air, the Hungarian low cost carrier, has rapidly become a major force in the European aviation market. The carrier made the best of the problematic covid era to power up its operations and launch stronger than before in the post pandemic market. The airline has also become one of the largest users of the extremely successful Airbus A321neo. So much so that Wizz Air has further increased its order with Airbus for another 75 of the type. Here’s the detailed information about the Wizz Air Airbus deal enhancement.

The Wizz Air Airbus Order Numbers

Wizz Air, as is the case with many low cost carriers, operates one aircraft family operations. Specifically all of its planes belong to the Airbus A320 family. Currently the budget airline owns and operates the:

  • A320ceo
  • A320neo
  • A321ceo
  • A321neo

However out of the 4 variants there is one which is the true backbone of operations at the moment and will be fore a very long time. That title goes to the Airbus A321neo. Proof of this is the further 75 A321neo that the Hungarian carrier has just added to the airbus order book.

Here’s what the order book looks like with the new 75 unit expansion:

Aircraft TypeOrderedDeliveredOperationalTo Be Delivered

Wizzair Airbus A321neo of which the airline ordered extra 75 units

The A321 Will Be The Backbone of The Airline

The new order brings the total of A321neo ordered to 434. That is a truly massive number of planes ordered. Just think that the airline has only ordered 19 Airbus A320neo. The efficiency and capacity of the A321neo is ideal for the ever growing destination network. It allows the airline to deliver capacity on short hops but also remain profitable on long sectors as the ones it has been launching from Europe to the Middle East.

Out of the 434 A321neo ordered the airline still has to receive 338 units. These new arrivals will serve to both replace ageing A320/A321ceo planes and further expand the fleet. However this enhancement of the existing order with Airbus further proves the commitment of the airline to this aircraft type and how it’ll be the backbone of their operations for many years to come.

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