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The New Airbus A380 Operator, What do We Know About Global Airlines?

The world has a new A380 operator. Well not just quite yet. A new start-up airline, Global Airlines, has acquired its first plane but is still in the process of setting up its operations. Let’s then take a closer look at this aircraft purchase and what does Global Airlines plan to do with it.

Global Airlines Purchases Its First Plane, An A380

Although the airline is still to make its first flight and still far from starting operations, it made news headlines by purchasing not just any plane but an Airbus A380. Global Airlines purchased one of the largest passenger planes in the world.

The aircraft was purchased, as stated by the airline, from Doric Aviation with backing investors and its parent company Holiday Swap. The A380 was stored so it’ll need to undergo maintenance to be airworthy once again.

We don’t have a previous registration number for this particular A380, therefore we can’t know which airline it operated for in the past.

Global Airlines Airbus A380 Stabiliser

Image Global Airlines

Other A380s To Come?

Also stated by the airline in its press release is that they intendo to purchase other planes of the type. Global Airlines intends to acquire further 3 Airbus A380s in coming months. That should bring their fleet size to 4 as they prepare their launch.

Global Airlines is therefore going against the grain by purchasing its planes as a startup and purchasing the mighty A380. Many startup airlines tend to lease their planes to avoid large upfront costs. Also they chose the A380 at a time in which many airlines are decommissioning theirs, opting for smaller more fuel efficient options.

What is Global Aviation All About?

We don’t have much information at this time. However the goal stated by the airline is to bring back the “Golden Age of Air Travel”. They will be a full service carrier, from their website we can understand they will be offering at least 3 classes of travel (First, Business and Economy Class).

They will be going head to head with some of the largest airline groups in the world as they plan to start operations serving transatlantic routes. Transatlantic routes are very lucrative, however it is also one of the most competitive environments in modern aviation.

I’m personally curious to see how they will differ from other products already out there to convince passengers to choose them over more established airlines both LCCs and Legacy airlines.

Global Airlines Airbus A380

Global Airlines Airbus A380

When Will Global Airlines Start Operations?

At the moment the airline states that it intends to make its first transatlantic flight take off by spring 2024. So we can expect things to start moving very rapidly for this brand new carrier. Expect to see news from the carrier in the near future, I’ll be on the lookout and I’ll make sure to keep you up to date to with in depth analyses here on TTWWU.

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