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The Lufthansa Fleet in 2023

Lufthansa is one of the largest airlines in Europe and one of the biggest players worldwide. This in turn means the airline operates vast fleet of planes. So today we’ll be looking into Lufthansa’s fleet in 2022.

The Lufthansa Fleet Split in Its Divisions

When we look at Lufthansa’s fleet we necessarily need to split it in three:

The first is the main airline fleet. The one that operates all long haul and medium range flights. The second on the list is the regional division of the German airline. This division operates short haul flights, mostly inside of the German borders. Last of all is the cargo division with a fleet of purpose aircrafts.

So let’s tackle one by one these 3 divisions of the Lufthansa Fleet.

The Lufthansa Main Fleet in 2022

The LH main fleet is comprised of over 240 aircrafts, making it one of the largest in Europe. The majority of these planes are narrow bodies which serve the extensive European network the airline flies.

Also to be noted is that the German flag carrier operates a grand majority of Airbus planes. There are only 27 non Airbus planes in the fleet, those being all Boeing planes.

Narrow Body Fleet

  • 23 A319-100
  • 27 A320neo
  • 56 A320-200
  • 17 A321neo
  • 13 A321-100
  • 34 A321-200

Wide Body Fleet

  • 11 A330-300
  • 15 A340-300
  • 10 A340-600
  • 21 A350-900
  • 4 A380-800
  • 8 Boeing 747-400
  • 19 Boeing 747-8
  • 5 Boeing 787-9

Lufthansa is one of the few airlines in Europe still to fly regularly the 747-400 series. These planes are quite rare to come across these days as they are being replaced with more fuel efficient twin engine jets.

The airline also owns a larger number of A380s than the one listed. However covid accelerated the airline retiring the type. Only a handful will return to service in the coming months to cope with rising traffic volumes.

The Lufthansa Fleet in 2023

The Lufthansa CityLine Fleet

Lufthansa also operates the so called CityLiner fleet. A division of the airline solely designed to operate regional short range flights. Many of these flights are within Germany or to neighbouring regions, or flights to low demand smaller local airfields.

Lufthansa CityLiner operates a fleet of 48 active airplanes as of the 24th of December 2022. This is clearly a smaller fleet when compared to Lufthansa’s main fleet. Specifically the division operates:

  • 10 Airbus A319-100
  • 2 Airbus A321-200
  • 3 Airbus A320neo
  • 29 CRJ 900
  • 7 Embraer 190

Although it’s a fleet with a pretty regional footprint, there are no turboprops present in it.

Lufthansa CityLiner Fleet of CRJ900 on takeoff

The Cargo Fleet

Let’s wrap things up with the LH cargo division’s fleet. It’s not a big fleet, only two aircraft types, however it has a peculiarity about it. That being the fact that Lufthansa flies 2 A321-200 freighters. These were transformed from passenger operations to freight. The complete cargo fleet comprises of:

  • 11 Boeing 777F
  • 2 Airbus A321-200

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