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SWISS To Use Turkish Technic as MRO For Part of Its A330 Fleet

Turkish Airlines is not only one of the largest airlines in the world as in the European and Middle East region, but it is also a huge maintenance and repairs provider (or MRO). Specifically the company’s division that takes care of this line of business is Turkish Technic. Among the airlines, or more precisely airline groups, which use the Turkish MRO is SWISS from the Lufthansa Group. Here’s what the news is all about.

SWISS To Use Turkish Technic as MRO For Part of Its A330 Fleet

What the news is all about is that SWISS, a Lufthansa Group airline, will be using the Turkish Technic infrastructure for the routine maintenance of some of its Airbus A330s.

Specifically the Helvetic airline will be sending over to Turkish Technic 7 of its 14 A330. The first of the 7 planes to undergo scheduled maintenance was sent over to Turkey in November. The remaining 6 aircraft will be making the same trip over the coming months.

SWISS sends 7 Airbus A330 to Turkish Technic for maintenance

Why Send Them To Turkish? Why Does it Make Sense?

It is interesting that SWISS International Air Lines should send some of its planes down to Turkey to undergo maintenance. Reason being that Lufthansa owns one of the largest MROs in Europe, Lufthansa Technik. However there are a couple of reasons for which it makes sense when you stop and think about it a little.

The current landscape of civil aviation with issues arising on a number of aircraft families has possibly congested some MROs. This might also be the case in the short term for Lufthansa Technik.

Also Lufthansa already shares some business with Turkish Airlines, so there is an already standing relationship. More specifically the two airlines participate in the joint venture that brought to the creation and running of Sun Express. Finally the airlines are also partners in Star Alliance.

So if the Lufthansa Group were to send its planes to an MRO other than its own it only makes sense that it would send them over to Turkish’s.

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