Lufthansa Revisits Its A320 Cabin Interiors on 38 Aircraft

Just has been planned for Austrian Airlines, another Lufthansa Group airline, the mother company, Lufthansa itself, will be revisiting the interiors on its Airbus A320s. So let’s talk about what the new cabins will offer passengers and when they will become available on LH flights.

What is Lufthansa’s Plan For the New Cabin Interiors

The plan plan for the giant of German aviation is to restyle and modernise the cabin interiors on part of its short and medium haul fleet. In particular 38 Airbus A320s will be fitted with the new cabin interiors. These are planes that are already flying in the Lufthansa fleet and not new arrivals.

However if you are a Lufthansa frequent flyer you’ll have to still wait some time before you get to see these new interiors. The first retrofitting will take place in 2025.

Why is Lufthansa Restyling Its A320 Cabin Interiors

Airlines do this kind of work in order to extend the life of their airplanes and align the hard product to those of the more recently delivered planes.

Although the average age of the LH Airbus A320 fleet is only 8.4 years, there are some of them that are well above 10 years of age or nearing that mark.

Renovating the interiors by retrofitting new cabin interiors future proofs the planes for the airline. Having new interiors ensures that the airline can continue to fly the planes for many years to come while maintaining consistency with the rest of the younger units in the fleet.

Lufthansa Airbus A320 getting new cabin interiors

What Will the New Interiors Offer Passengers?

The changes should make travelling on Lufthansa’s A320s a bit more pleasant than before. Cabin changes include:

  • Larger overhead compartments that will hold more bags making less likely the event of luggage offload to go into the hold. If you’ve ever flown an LH A320 on a full load you’ll know this is not at all that uncommon.
  • Each seat will have its USB charging port.
  • Each seat will also have its own table and smartphone holder.
  • There will be more legroom, or so the airline promises.

The extra legroom will be achieved thanks to the new and revisited design of seats Lufthansa will be fitting. The seats, just as was the case with Austrian, will be manufactured by Italian firm Geven.

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