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How Is The Brussels Airlines Fleet Structured?

Brussels Airlines is the smallest full service carrier within the Lufthansa Group. The carrier that started operations in 2008 taking over where Sabena left off, and is now an airline that mainly focuses on Europe and Africa. The fleet is therefore optimised to operate exactly this kind of route. So with all of that out of the way let’s take a deep dive into Brussels Airlines fleet and how it uses its planes at the moment.

The Brussels Airlines Fleet in 2023

Currently Brussels Airlines operates a 45 plane fleet operating flights across Europe and Africa. Most of these planes are narrow body jets that operate the intraeuropean network. Here’s though the complete lineup of planes that make up the Brussels Airlines fleet right now:

Airbus Logo AirbusA319-10016
Airbus Logo AirbusA320neo1
Airbus Logo AirbusA320-20018
Airbus Logo AirbusA330-3009

Brussels Airlines fleet of Airbus A330-300

No True URL Planes in Fleet

One thing that stands out is the fact that the airline has no plane truly ULR capable. The longest range aircraft the airline owns is the Airbus A330-300. A plane capable of covering long routes but not exactly a ULR airline favourite as its range is rather limited when comparing it to the A350 or Boeing 777.

The absence of a ULR capable plane is explainable in very simple way. The airline doesn’t operate any ULR routes. The longest flight is service SN359 which clocks in at 6,698km.

On the other hand the airline owns a significant number of smaller narrow body planes to channel connecting traffic to and from Europe.

Brussels Airlines A319-100

The Brussels Airlines Fleet Renovation

Plans to rejuvenate the fleet are in place albeit mainly on the narrow body short haul side of the operations. Brussels Airlines received its first A320neo in early November 2023 and will receive further 4 by the end of 2024 in order to replace some of the ageing A319. Also the switch will enable the airline to offer higher capacity on shorter intraeuropean routes.

However on the wide body side of things so far there isn’t any news of plans to incorporate new planes. So for the foreseeable future the fleet will continue to be comprised of the same 9 Airbus A330s.

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