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British Airways Will Launch a New Heathrow Cincinnati Flight in 2023

A new flight US bound flight is in the plans for British Airways starting summer of 2023. Cincinnati will become the 27th destination in the United States to join the BA network. Let’s take a deeper look into what the flight from Heathrow to Cincinnati will look like once it commences operations.

British Airways Flying to Cincinnati in 2023

The IAG Group and OneWorld Member British Airways is preparing itself for a year of further growth in air travel demand. In particular it’s gearing up on its core business, transatlantic flights.

The British flag carrier starting summer 2023 will operate in excess of 300 flights on a weekly basis to its 27 destinations in the United States of America. The London Heathrow Cincinnati flight will have flight number BA121.

However don’t pack your bag just yet. The maiden flight between the two cities is scheduled for June 5th 2023. That being said tickets are already on sale with return tickets on sale for as low as 499£.

British Airways Opening  flights to Cincinnati in 2023

Which Aircraft Will Fly The Route?

British Airways plans to serve the route with its Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner fleet. The 787s flying the new BA121 flight from London to Cincinnati will feature a 3 class configuration with a typical British Airways premium cabin heavy layout:

  • 35 Club World Seats (Business Class)
  • 25 World Traveller Plus Seats (Premium Economy)
  • 154 World Traveller Seats (Economy Class)

British Airways Boeing 787-8 to fly Heathrow to Cincinnati BA121

The Flight Schedule

BA121 will have a 5 times weekly frequency. During the summer months the flight is scheduled to:

  • (BA121) Depart London Heathrow every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 16:05 and arriving into Cincinnati at 19:45
  • (BA122) Depart Cincinnati every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 21:30 and arriving into London Heathrow at 10:15 the morning after.

Operations will vary slightly during the winter months when the flight will have a 4 times weekly frequency with:

  • (BA121) Depart London Heathrow every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 16:00 and arriving into Cincinnati at 18:40
  • (BA122) Depart Cincinnati every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 20:25 and arriving into London Heathrow at 10:10 the morning after.

British Airways’ Plans in The US for 2023

Cincinnati isn’t the only news regarding BA’s operations in the United States. The British flag carrier will also be increasing its flights to New York’s JFK International Airport, bringing its total flights to the Big Apple to 8 daily. Also happening at JFK Airport, 2023 will be the year in which BA will be moving operations to Terminal 8.

Portland and Pittsburgh will also be seeing more of the red and blue colours of BA. The former will become a daily flight while the latter will increase frequency to 6 flights per week.

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