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Air Greenland Takes Delivery Of Its New Airbus A330-800

Plane deliveries are not all that rare. They take place day in and day out around the planet. However there are at least two aspects that make this Air Greenland Airbus A330neo delivery somewhat unique and rare. Let’s take a closer look at the news and find out why.

About the Air Greenland A330neo Delivery

Airbus has handed over to its new owner a brand new A330neo. With the new owner being the flag carrier of Greenland, Air Greenland. The aircraft joins a fleet of 8 planes increasing it to 9 units.

The new Airbus A330neo registered OY-GKN will be deployed immediately on flights connecting Nuuk and Copenhagen. Later on it will also serve other European and American destinations.

The aircraft is configured in a 2 class layout, capable of carrying up to 305 passengers:

  • 42 in a Premium Cabin
  • 263 in Economy Class

Specifically the A330 delivered to Air Greenland is the 800. This is the natural replacement to the A330-200 which was in Airbus’ previous generation lineup the long range twin engine aircraft.

Air Greenland takes delivery of new A330neo

What Makes This Delivery So Rare

In my personal opinion there are 2 aspects that make this delivery quite rare and unique:

  1. Air Greenland has now only 9 aircraft in its fleet. It’s not everyday you see this airline receive a new plane. Even more if this is a long range wide body plane of which the airline only had 1 before this delivery.
  2. The A330-800 is a one of the least requested and ordered variants of this aircraft type. Airbus has only managed to close 11 orders for this particular plane. While the 900 variant has almost 300 orders in the books.

So its pretty clear as for these reason this is not a sight you get to see every day in the world of aviation. We’ll soon find out on which routes Air Greenland intends to use the latest addition to the its fleet.

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