Aviation Capital Group Increases Its Boeing 737 MAX Order by 13 Units

Aviation Capital Group has just reached a new agreement with Boeing for a further supply of jets to add to offering to airlines. The new Boeing produced planes will go on to join over 480 units already present in the list of assets. So let’s find out a little more about Aviation Capital Group and the order placed with the Seattle based aircraft producer.

Who Are Aviation Capital Group?

The company is one of the many aircraft leasing firms present around the globe. These companies offer a cheaper and more immediate solution to airlines to get their hands on planes when time or finances might be tight. Therefore there is a continuous need to renovate the fleet of planes owned.

Aviation Capital Group is based in the United States, however it is part of the much larger Japanese conglomerate Tokyo Century. The firm has planes leased out to approximately 90 customers in 45 countries around the world.

Aviation Capital Group Orders further 13 Boeing 737 MAX planes

About Their Order With Boeing

Aviation Capital Group has already on order with Boeing 34 Boeing 737 MAX jets. That number though has risen to 47 when taking into account the new order for 13 other planes.

The new Aviation Capital Group order for 13 other Boeing 737 MAXs is split into:

  • 6 737-10, the largest version of the family
  • 7 737-8, the most common version ordered by clients

The Boeing 737-10 can accomodate up 230 passengers on a full load, transporting them over a distance of up to 3,100 nautical miles. The smaller 737-8 on the other hand can accomodate up to 210 passengers for up to 3,500 nautical miles.

Once delivered these planes will therefore be leased out to airlines in the United States and around the world. If you want to find out more on why airlines might lease a plane I wrote an post about dry and wet leasing.

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