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Virgin Australia Orders More Boeing 737 MAX Planes

Virgin Australia, as many other operators in the aviation industry, is renovating its fleet with new more fuel efficient planes. The airline has significantly downsized from its heyday when it also owned wide body aircraft. However the future plan for its fleet is bringing back a bit of a spark of excitement that has been missing for some time.

Virgin Australia Increases Its Boeing 737 MAX Order

The airline has shifted over the years to a more premium low-cost carrier business model. This brought it to the decision of streamlining its fleet in order to cut costs. The aircraft of choice for Virgin Australia was and still is the Boeing 737. First in its NG versions and now in its newer MAX version.

Although the airline still has a backlog of planes ordered from Boeing, they have decided to increase the number of planes they will purchase. Specifically VA has increased its order for Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes by 6 units.

The addition of these 6 planes brings the total order of this aircraft type to 14, with 11 yet to be delivered. It is expected that these remaining planes will be delivered during 2024. Therefore it’ll be a very busy year in terms of fleet evolution.

Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 on final approach

The Other Boeing 737 MAX on Order

Virgin though also has another Boeing 737 MAX variant on order. One that is still to be certified and will therefore not enter service anytime soon. That would be the 737 MAX 10, which has just gotten the green light to start its certification flights this week.

25 Boeing 737 MAX 10 should, once certified, join the Australian carrier, bringing the total MAX fleet to 39.

New Cabins For New Planes

These new planes will be fitted with the new and upgraded cabin interiors that the airline presented just a few months ago. You can read all about that in this other post I wrote.

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