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Air New Zealand Introduces Extra Leg Room Economy and SkyCouch Seats

Air New Zealand is arguably the airline that is working the hardest on innovating the Economy class product. The airline operates a vast network of long and ultra long range flights making innovation a necessity particularly in the economy cabin. There will be some interesting product updates introduced on one of Air New Zealand’s flagship routes. Let’s find out what the news is all about.

Air New Zealand’s Economy Stretch and SkyCouch

ANZ’s economy class cabin innovation has led to the introduction of 2 new seating options, with a third one in the works for 2024. The airline offers on one special route, more on which one later, the possibility of booking what they call Economy Stretch and SkyCouch.

Economy stretch is not all that innovative. Economy Stretch is nothing other than a extra legroom economy class seat. On the typical Air New Zealand Boeing 777 there will be 42. The additional cost to get one of these seats is 175$ per sector.

What is much more interesting is what ANZ calls the SkyCouch. This new option allows travellers to book a set of 3 window side seats and use them as a couch, as the name hints. The 3 seats will become a bed to sleep comfortably on with nobody sitting next to you.

The SkyCouch is a fantastic intuition and a win win solution for passengers and the airline. The passenger can enjoy a significant increase in travel comfort while the airline can increase revenue while reducing operational cost (less weight and catering).

Air New Zealand Planes at Auckland Airport

The Fourth Option Coming in 2024

What is supposed to appear on Air New Zealand’s long range Boeing 777 in 2024 is even more revolutionary. The Kiwi flag carrier will be introducing what it calls SkyNest.

SkyNest consists of a series of bunk bed that will take up part of the economy class cabin which will allow travellers to enjoy the comfort of a bed while flying to their destination.

It’ll be very interesting to see how the public will react to this new service and if other airlines will follow in Air New Zealand’s footsteps.

SkyNest SkyCouch and Economy Stretch on Air New Zealand flight to Los Angeles

Which Route Will These Be Available On?

Unfortunately only one route will initially have these new products available for booking. That route is the URL flight from Auckland to Los Angeles, United States.

However it’s likely that if these new products prove to be popular with travellers, that they will be introduced on other ANZ long range routes in the future.