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Singapore Changi Airport Runway 2 Reopens in Late 2023

Singapore Changi International airport is undergoing a major development. However in order not to hinder or disrupt in any what the operations of the home carriers, Singapore Airlines and Scoot, all has to be done while maintaining all facilities at 100% of operations. This can be quite tricky as you might immagine. Changi is among the busiest airports in Asia therefore there are some major hurdles to be overcome. For the past 3 years the airport’s runway 2 had been shut down to enable construction. In December though this runway will be reopening. Here’s what the plan is and what will happen at Singapore Changi Airport.

Singapore Changi Airport Runway 2 Reopens

December 1st will be the day in which runway 2 at Singapore’s International airport will reopen. The runway had been closed almost exactly 3 years ago on December 3rd 2020.

The airport for the duration of the runway 2 closure has still been operating dual runway operations, thanks to the opening of runway 3. This reduced to a minimum disruption, however it did increase taxi times considerably.

Runway 2 is therefore scheduled to come back online at 04:00 local time, with the simultaneous closing of runway 3. Changi will then return to pre December 2020 operations until a later stage.

Singapore Changi Airport Entrance

Why Was the Runway Closure Necessary?

The closure was made necessary to facilitate construction around the runway itself. Ongoing development is related to the construction of the new Terminal 5 mid airfield concourse. The opening of this new terminal will massively boost the airport’s capacity in terms of passenger transits per year. Singapore Changi Airport will be in other words future proofed for quite some time with this new extension.

In order to keep operations running at full capacity the airport has had to close runway 2 to allow construction in the central area of the airfield and now it’ll do the same in the easternmost portion.

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