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Singapore Airlines Will Introduce a 5th Daily Flight to Sydney in 2024

Airlines around the world are already looking at next year to plan their operations. This is a crucial activity to ensure successful operations, particularly when serving some of the most congested airports in the world. This is exactly what Singapore Airlines is doing working on its 2024 schedule looking to further increase its operations at Sydney International Airport. So let’s take a closer look at how SIA will increase its flights from Singapore to Sydney and when it will all happen.

Singapore Airline’s New Singapore Sydney Service

As of November 2023 SIA already operates four daily flights. Two of these 4 flights are operated using the largest SIA plane, the Airbus A380, while the reaming 2 are served with the A350-900 and Boeing 777-300ER.

This number of current flights is going to increase further in 2024. Singapore Airlines will start offering 5 daily services to the capital of NSW.

The extra flight will start covering the route starting October 27th 2024. Ahead of the Summer holidays in Australia and the winter season in Europe.

The flight be number SQ201 and will add to the already active:

  • SQ211 – on a Boeing 777-300ER
  • SQ221 – an an Airbus A380
  • SQ231 – an an Airbus A380
  • SQ241 – an a Boeing 777-300ER

The addition of this new flight will make of Sydney the most served destination for SIA from its base in Singapore Changi Airport. Over 12,000 seats will be available for purchase every single week. A truly impressive number.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 for new Singapore to Sydney service SQ201

Why Was SQ201 Announced So Far in Advance?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post it is normal for airlines to plan well into the future its flight schedule. That being said, this flight’s announcement comes almost a full year in advance. How come?

Simply put, Singapore Airlines is looking to increase its services to one of the most congested airports in the world. Due to its unique operating hours, with the night curfew in place, slots are quite rare at SYD. Therefore any move that airlines wish to make to enhance their operations at this airport must happen well in advance once they get the green light for a new slot.

Which Plane Will SQ Use for The New Singapore Sydney Flight?

The plane will be another Airbus A350-900 which will bring the total of this type on the route for SQ to 2 matching the A380s. SIA should deploy on the new SQ201 service the 2 class variant of the jet that offers:

  • 40 Business Class seats in a 1-2-1 layout
  • 263 Economy Class seats in a standard 3-3-3 layout

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