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Cathay Pacific To Include Disney+ Content on Inflight Entertainment

Airlines are on the constant lookout for opportunities to get ahead of the competition. One of the best ways to differentiate the product is by enhancing the IFE experience. This is something that can have a huge impact of how a traveller evaluates his or her experience. Simply a better IFE gives the illusion that time is passing faster than it actually is. So let’s dive into today’s topic and talk about how Cathay Pacific will enhance its IFE system.

Cathay Pacific To Include Disney+ Content on Its IFE

Cathay Pacific has a lot of lost ground to make up on its regional competitors and worldwide ones. The airline has fallen behind many of its competitors due to the extremely hawkish anti-covid policies and travel restrictions the Chinese government imposed. Something other airlines didn’t have to deal with.

Also due to the many cuts the airline was forced to make, its reputation took quite a hard hit. In order to reestablish itself as a major elite airline on the world stage Cathay has announced it will soon retrofit its long range planes with new business class interiors and now the collaboration with Disney+.

Starting December 1st 2023, the airline will be including on its in flight entertainment system Disney+ exclusive content. A library of content that contains over 100 hours of entertainment to keep you going fo hours.

The new content will be available across the Cathay Pacific fleet as the airline has setback entertainment screens on every one of its planes. Both on narrow body and wide body planes, including the brand new A321neo.

Cathay Pacific includes Disney+ content on its IFE

Other Similar Agreements in Commercial Aviation

Just earlier this year we saw another streaming platform strike a deal with a major airline. In August 2023 Air Canada signed a similar agreement to include Apple TV+ content on its in flight entertainment. I’m sure we’ll see more and more airlines sign agreements of this nature in coming years.

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