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Cathay Pacific Teases Its New Boeing 777 Business Class

Today we got a glimpse into what Cathay Pacific‘s future business class will look like. Finally one of the giants of Asian aviation, still on the road to full recovery post covid, offers us something fresh and new. A new business class cabin which the airline hopes it will help make up lost ground in these difficult years of travel restrictions. So let’s talk about what we got to see of the new Cathay Pacific business class cabin.

What Is The New Cathay Pacific Business Class Seat Called?

The airline chose to give the new seat a name. A choice similar to what Qatar Airways did with the QSuite. Cathay’s new business class seat will be called the Aria Suite. Aria being the Italian word for Air.

Which are the Seat’s Main Features?

We didn’t get to see too much in the teaser video of the new Aria Suite. However what seems to be certain is that the seat will be fully enclosed with a sliding door. Something that has been rapidly becoming the new standard in every new business class product.

This feature has proved to be hugely successful with many airlines following in the footsteps of the trailblazer Qatar Airways. It’s no surprise that Cathay is also going in this direction. The Hong Kong based airline needs new luxury product to start attracting passengers again.

It also seems that the seat will include wireless device charging. A nice touch to make your stay aboard hustle free and not risking getting tangled in phone charging cables and whatnot.

Also the way the seat was presented it looks like it will be part of a standard 1-2-1, possibly reverse herringbone, layout.

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER will feature the new business class Aria Suite

Which Cathay Pacific Planes Will Feature the Aria Suite?

The airline will be retrofitting the new Business class cabin on its 33 Boeing 777-300ER. The planes are the backbone of Cathay’s long haul operations alongside the Airbus A350s.

We still don’t have certainty wether the carrier will retrofit all of its Boeing 777-300ER or just a part of them. My guess is that progressively we’ll see the Aria Suite on all of the operating triple sevens.

When Will The Cathay Aria Suite Launch?

The new Cathay Pacific business class Aria Suites will launch in 2024 Q2. That means that the first of the retrofitted 777s will be in service in spring 2024 in order to serve the airline during the busy summer months.

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