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Cathay Pacific On Path For Recovery Carrying 1.7 Million Passengers in July 2023

Things are finally starting to look a little brighter for Hong Kong’s main airline Cathay Pacific. The airline has just announced its traffic figures for the month of July 2023 and the trend is positive with more passengers travelling with the carrier and a higher load factor.

Cathay Pacific’s July 2023 Passenger Figures

Cathay Pacific is finally seeing some continued growth in passenger volumes month over month. Right now it makes sense to only look at figures in this way as year over year numbers don’t make sense. Last year traffic via Hong Kong with Cathay was almost non existent so growth percentages are ridiculously high.

July has been so far the busiest month for the Hong Kong based airline with 1,744,374 passengers carried and a load factor of just shy of the 90% mark (89,3%).

YearMonthPassengers TransportedLoad Factor

Passenger volumes are only expected to grow further in the month of August when the peak of summer travel will be reached. Therefore we might be in for a number even higher than 1.8 or 1.9 million passengers.

Cathay Pacific carries over 1.7 million passengers in July 2023

Other Good News From Cathay

Over the past weeks we have covered some other good news from Cathay. The airline has just teased its new completely redesigned state of the art business class product. In 2024 the airline will start offering a business class capable of competing with products offered by the likes of Qatar Airways.

Thankfully Cathay Pacific has also been able to accomodate the growing demand with more capacity across the network by bringing aircraft back online. Available seats were increased by 11% from June to July. Therefore it is likely a further increase of available seats is in order for August to cope with more travellers, particularly from Europe and North America.

Finally the airline’s lounge in Taipei is once again open for business and ready to welcome passengers.

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