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Akasa Air Orders Further 150 737 MAX Planes From Boeing

Despite issues that have arisen in recent weeks with the largest currently certified version, the 737-9, Boeing has secured another massive order for its 737 MAX family of jets. The order once again comes from India, one of the most rapidly developing markets in the aviation industry at the moment. The airline to have placed the order is Akasa Air, one of India’s newest carriers. So let’s take a closer look at all the details.

About the Akasa Boeing 737 Order

Akasa Air is a rapidly growing airline with big ambitions for its future. The airline is an all Boeing 737 MAX operator, using 2 variants of the 737-8 version. Those being the:

  • 737-8
  • 737-8-200

The latter being the variant of the 737 MAX Boeing developed following the specifications of European low-cost carrier Ryanair.

I don’t think you’re surprised to find out that the airline has, surprise surprise, ordered once again these 2 variants of the 737 MAX to further fuel it growing route network.

We don’t know exactly how many of each plane the Indian carrier has ordered but the overall number of planes put on order is 150. A massive number.

What we do know is how the airline will configure the jets, as it is easily guessable. Simply because the airline only uses 1 cabin layout that being all economy in a 6 abreast 3-3 configuration.

Currently the all 737 MAX fleet operates a domestic only network, however who know if there is an international expansion in store with the huge number of planes arriving in the coming years.

Akasa Air Boeing 737 MAX Planes Parked at Bangalore Airport

A Little About Akasa Air

Akasa Air, is a new entrant in the Indian aviation sector. The entry of Akasa into the Indian market marks a significant development in the country’s air travel landscape. The airline launched with the vision of making air travel affordable and accessible to all. In essence entering the market in the same segment Indigo serves. The hope of the airline is to intercept the rise in air travel demand connected to rising middle-class.

Akasa Air intention is to set itself apart with a customer-centric approach. The airline aims to cater to the diverse needs of travellers. Aiming to serve both business commuters and leisure tourists, by offering efficient services and a variety of routes, including under-served regional destinations. This strategy aligns with the Indian government’s push to enhance regional connectivity.

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