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Air India Presents its New Logo and Aircraft Livery

Air India is undergoing some significant transformations over the past year or so. Transformations that are changing both what the airline looks like to passengers and its managements structure. Thursday August 10th 2023 was a historical day for India’s largest full service carrier. The airline announced a restyling of both its logo and its aircraft livery. Out with the old, in with the new. So let’s take a look at what the new logo and livery looks like, and why the airline is doing so.

One of the two big announcements the TATA group airline had in store fore us was the restyling of its logo. The airline is changing its historical logo.

The new logo is a simplified version that prominently features the name of the carrier with a graphic addition. This follows a trend we are seeing across many industries. Companies are simplifying their logos to appeal to the younger generations along with making them easier to be recognised instantly.

The New Air India Logo Launched in August 2023

The New Air India Livery

The most interesting news however relates to how the Air India planes will look. Along with the announcement of the new logo, the indian carrier has also announced a major overhaul of its aircraft livery.

The new plane livery will, similarly with the logo, simplify the appearance granting a fresher and more modern look and feel.

Among the main changes from the old Air India livery to the new one are:

  • Planes will no longer feature the individually painted windows.
  • The vertical stabiliser (tail fin) will feature the new logo.
  • Air India’s name will be prominent on the side of the fuselage towards the front.
  • The airline will follow the trend of featuring the airline name under the plane’s belly, so that it will be visible from below.

New Air India Aircraft Livery on A350-900

Do The New Livery And Logo Look Good?

The new Air India logo brings the carrier’s look and feel closer to what Vistara has looked like until now. The airlines unless there are major roadblocks are destined to merge into one entity. Therefore it makes sense that the parent company, TATA, wants to give a more similar look and feel to the two carriers.

Also I think that Air India look was a bit outdated. The image the airline portrayed with its logo and color scheme was kind of stuck in the ’90s. The new aircraft color scheme and logo give a fresh feel, something the brand needs as it prepares to try to become a major player in world aviation.

So overall, yes I like the new aircraft livery and logo TATA unveiled for its airline.

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