Avolon Leasing Firm Orders 20 Airbus A330neo and 40 737MAX

Leasing firms are less interesting an make headlines less as they are usually not in the spotlight of aviation. However their role in modern aviation is of upmost importance in particular allowing airlines to start up when cash flow might be a problem. Therefore today we’ll be talking about Avolon’s orders at the Paris air show.

About The Avolon Paris Air Show Order

Aircraft leasing firm Avolon took the Paris air show opportunity to place a significant aircraft order with both Airbus and Boeing. Avolon ordered in total 60 aircraft. Those ordered from Airbus are all wide-body while those ordered from Boeing are all single aisle narrow-body planes.

Specifically the Avolon Paris air show order features:

The Airbus A330-900neo is an extremely versatile aircraft capable of offering high capacity on medium haul routes or operating ULR sectors. After a slow start for orders on the type we’re seeing more airlines opt for this aircraft with more deliveries in the recent past.

The 737MAX on the other hand offers high efficiency and capacity on short and medium haul flights. After the issues faced a few years ago the demand for this aircraft type is on the rise. In particular the leasing firm seems to be interested in acquiring more 737MAX-8.

Avolon orders 20 A330neo and 40 737MAX

About The Leasing Firm

Avalon is what is commonly referred to in the aviation industry as a dry lessor. Dry leasing is when the airline receives only the aircraft operating it with it’s own crew. You can read more about aviation leasing in this article.

Avolon at the moment owns and manages 578 planes which it leases around the world. Also the firm has already committed to acquiring further 252 planes in the coming years, to replace ageing planes and further expand operations.

As many aircraft leasing firms Avolon too is based in Dublin Ireland.

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