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Air India Orders Up To 290 Boeing Aircraft

Some big and exciting news has arrived yesterday from Air India‘s HQ and the American plane manufacturer Boeing. The Indian flag carrier has placed a huge order for Boeing planes. An order that will completely change what the AI fleet looks like in the coming years. Let’s take a closer look at what the news is all about.

About The Air India Boeing Plane Order

Although the order can reach a maximum number of planes of 290 the firm orders for 220 planes. Which in of itself remains a huge number. The aircraft will span from short-medium range 737s to the long range 787 and 777X.

To be precise here’s how the order is split up in terms of planes ordered by Air India:

  • 190 Boeing 737MAX which includes 737-9s and 737-10s
  • 20 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners
  • 10 Boeing 777X specifically 777-9

Along with these 220 firm orders, the airline also holds the option for further 70 planes. Divides as follows:

  • 50 further Boeing 737MAX
  • 20 more Boeing 787-9

Air India Boeing 787-9 order in 2023

An All New Airline

This massive plane order will completely change the appearance of the airline and the product Air India will sell. Thanks to this injection of new jets the airline will be able to replace older ones at the moment in its fleet and further expand its domestic and international network.

Air India is one of the most ambitious carriers in the region at the moment as it is looking to complete its merger with Vistara in 2023. The new post merger airline, which will still include a 25% stake held by Singapore Airlines, will be one of the biggest in the region and will be looking to increase its presence on profitable long range routes to regions with big expat communities around the world.

Its also plausible that Air India will become an all Boeing operator, or at least with a predominant presence of American built planes.

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