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Air Canada Powering Up US Flights in 2023

Air Canada announced its biggest post pandemic plan of US route opening, resumption and boost to date. The maple leaf flag carrier will be significantly boosting its capacity and frequency and a number of US flights. Let’s take a closer look at which routes it will affect and all the details about the news.

The New Air Canada US Flights

As far as the new Air Canada services go there will be 4 new flights opening in the first half of 2023. All these new flights will be initially operated with narrow body aircraft as we’ll see shortly.

Three of the four new flights will connect New York City to Montreal and Toronto. Here’s the schedule of these flights:

Montreal – New York Flights

These 3 new Air Canada flights to and from New York City will commence operations on te 26th of March 2023.

  • Daily flight AC8899 departing New York (JFK) at 12:45 arriving into Montreal (YUL) at 14:20
  • AC8898 departing daily Montreal (YUL) at 18:25 arriving into New York (JFK) at 20:00

Winglet of Air Canada Aircraft

Toronto – New York Flights

  • Daily flight AC8553 departing New York (JFK) at 10:00 arriving into Toronto (YYZ) at 11:45
  • AC8554 departing daily Toronto (YYZ) at 11:00 arriving into New York (JFK) at 12:36
  • Daily flight AC8555 departing New York (JFK) at 13:25 arriving into Montreal (YUL) at 15:10
  • AC8556 departing daily Toronto (YYZ) at 20:30 arriving into New York (JFK) at 22:06

All three these new connections to New York’s JFK Airport will feature an Embraer E175 configured to carry 76 passengers in a 2 class configuration (Business and Economy Class).

Toronto – Sacramento

The last of the new routes announced to open in the first half of 2023, is the Toronto Sacramento sector. This flight AC759, just as the previous 3 we talked about will see a narrow body aircraft fly the route. In this case the flight will start operating on June 1st 2023.

This is how the flight schedule will initially look like:

  • Flight AC759 will depart Toronto (YYZ) at 18:30 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and arrive into Sacramento (SMF) at 20:55
  • The return flight AC758 will depart Sacramento (SMF) at 09:25AM every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and arrive into Toronto (YYZ) at 17:15.

One of Air Canada’s Canadian developed Airbus A220-300 will fly the route. These aircraft are capable of carrying up to 137 passengers in a 2 class configuration.

Air Canada Embraer E175 Operating new AC Flight to the US

Air Canada Route Resumptions and Power Ups

Along with routes being opened, Air Canada will also be resuming some flights suspended during covid and powering up others. As for the routes which will be resumed the list features:

From May 1st 2023

  • Vancouver Austin (3 Times a Week)
  • Montreal Nashville (3 Times a Week)
  • Calgary Los Angeles (Daily)
  • Toronto Milwaukee (Daily)
  • Montreal Philadelphia (Twice Daily)
  • Montreal Pittsburgh (Daily)
  • Vancouver Anchorage (Daily)

From May 15th 2023

  • Montreal Seattle (Daily)

From June 1st 2023

  • Toronto Hartford (Twice Daily)
  • Toronto Salt Lake City (Three Times Daily)

From June 17th 2023

  • Toronto Kansas City (Daily)
  • Toronto Portland (Daily)
  • Vancouver Boston (Daily)

These instead are the flights which will see capacity and frequency increase in Summer 2023 compared to the previous year

  • Vancouver-Seattle (Increases to six times daily from five daily)
  • Vancouver-San Francisco (Increases to five times daily from four daily)
  • Toronto-San Francisco (Increases to five times daily from three daily)
  • Vancouver-San Diego (Increases to three times daily from twice daily)
  • Toronto-San Diego (Increases to two times daily from once daily)
  • Toronto-Seattle (Increases to two times daily from once daily)
  • Toronto-Minneapolis (Increases to four times daily from three daily)
  • Vancouver-Newark (Increases to two times daily from once daily)
  • Toronto-Philadelphia (Increases to four times daily from three daily)
  • Toronto-Pittsburgh (Increases to four times daily from three daily)
  • Montreal-San Diego (Increases to daily from three times weekly)
  • Toronto-Washington (Reagan) (Increases to four times daily from twice daily)
  • Toronto-Indianapolis (Increases to three times daily from twice daily)
  • Toronto-Baltimore (Increases to three times daily from twice daily)

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