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Some of my first memories as young child are aviation related. I lived for the first years of my life between Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands only to move back to Italy when I was 6.

Part of my family though lives in Australia which means that even as a young child I would often take on the long flights from Europe to down under with my parents.

This is when my love and fascination with air travel and aviation more in general was born. I loved everything about planes and could not get enough of them. I later dreamt of becoming a pilot but circumstances of life precluded that as an avenue.

The next best thing was becoming a cabin crew and that is exactly what I did. Fresh out of high school I set out to get a job as a flight attendant and succeeded getting accepted by Emirates.

After quitting my job in the UAE I moved back to Italy and here I am talking to you about my biggest passion.

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Welcome on TravelTheWorldWith.us this site will feature the most important and relevant news from the world of transport in particular the world of aviation. I will be covering news from aircraft manufacturers, airlines and airports around the world.

As an ex cabin crew myself I can give you some insights into what happens behind the scenes with some interesting facts that you might not know. My adventure as a Cabin Crew with Emirates lasted 3 years and during that time I also passed my theory PPL license exam.

Here on the homepage of Traveltheworldwith.us you'll find a selection of the most relevant airline news from around the world. Useful insights to stay up to date with the latest changes in aviation. Day in and day out there is so much news to comment and analyse, therefore I'll select what I most important to you explaining it in simple and understandable terms.

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