For those who don't know me yet, I am Alex. In what I called my past life, I used to be a cabin crew. I spent 3 years working for Emirates Airlines between economy and business class and of course I am a travel and aviation enthusiast.

I started travelling when I was just a few months old as my family is spread out around the globe. Which means that I still get to travel, not as often, even after leaving my job in Dubai.

So to sum it up on TravelTheWorldWith.Us you'll find useful tips and tricks on how to travel cheaper smarter and more comfortable. Also I'll be talking about interesting travel related news.

Of course myself beeing an "AvGeek" (Aviation Geek) I'll be talking about interesting aviation topics. I love everything that has to do with aircrafts, I used to draw 747s when I was just a few years old. That's how much and how far back I've been into aviation.

For other "AvGeeks" visiting the site my favourite aircraft were the MD11 and the Boeing 747.

Unfortunately I didn't make it to fly on an MD11before most of them were retired.