I’m going to compress 2 days of Korea into one post. I’m already in Australia, in Sydney at the moment, which I will walk you through in my next posts. Let’s not rush too far ahead though, let’s go back to the last two days in Korea.

First of all I would like to say that, Korea was simply amazing one of the best places I’ve ever been, it’s really enjoyable. People are super kind the city is welcoming and beautiful, the food goes without saying is absolutely amazing. My only advise, give yourself plenty of time to visit as much of the city as possible, there is a lot too see do and eat.

Friday was my second last day in the Korean capitol city, and we still had so much to do but so little time to do it all. We headed out to Gangnam street. The name might sound familiar as it was in the title of PSY’s only international hit “Gangnam Style”. As you could have anticipated yourselves, yes there is a landmark to remember the song that put Gangnam on the lips of the entire world for several months in a row.

Gangnam style landmark Gangnam Square

Gangnam though is not only a street but a wider area, home to mostly upper class people and many businesses have their offices here. During the day the footpaths are pretty quiet, and fill up at lunch time and get congested after work hours with people enjoying a well deserved drink.

gangnam street

We for lunch in Gangnam before moving to our next destination. The meal of our choice was in a Sabote which is a franchise of Japanese style fried meat. I will be honest with you it wasn’t that good, if you want my advise: while in Korea just stick to the Korean food it’s amazing and hardly ever lets you down.

Lunch at Saboten Saboten Menu and the saboten meal

In the same day we explored the Itaewon area, which nowadays is very popular and cool especially among the expat communities. There are many bars and it’s a great place to enjoy lively nightlife, just one con is that the very strong international connotation of the area makes it feel a little bit less special and Korean.

The following day there wash’ much time for sightseeing in the city so once all the bags were packed and closed, we took the bus to Incheon International Airport. The Airport is an experience itself something to really enjoy if you are flying out during the day. Live performances of traditional Korean music, entertainment staff in traditional costumes and I’ve performances of classical music bring the terminal to life, remixing you if necessary that Korea is truly amazing.

Just like on our flight over from Rome we flew Korean Air to Sydney on an A380, comfortable plenty of leg room in a standard 3-4-3 seat configuration.

Well unfortunately that’s it from Korea for now, keep reading for our updates from Sydney Australia. 

Alex Achille

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