In the morning we headed out of home in Youido in Seoul to make our way to the mort side of the city, to take care of some business before making our way to the airport.

Youido Metro Station


We took the bus from Youido to the Gangnam area, it was saturday morning so the traffic was very light and the ride was very enjoyable, a bit like taking a quick site seeing tour of the city.

Bus in Seoul Korea Seoul's Skyscrapers

It’s so interesting to see how ancient parts of the city blend with the modern structures, to create a unique atmosphere.

Buildings in Seoul

Once all our business was settled we made our way home by taxi, where we prepared the last few things in our suitcase before getting on the way to the airport.


This time being a domestic flight we flew out of Gimpo Airport, a smaller (and a bit older) airport, it is served by the Seoul metro line so it’s easy and comfortable to reach. If you find yourself to be in a hurry (like we were!) make sure to catch an express train which will get you to destination a lot faster.

Gimpo Airport before boarding

We did eventually make it for our flight, yesterday as in our previous flight we chose to travel with Korean Air, the flight to Busan Gimhae Airport lasted only 55 minutes and passed very quickly.

Baggage Claim in Busan Gimhae Airport Baggage Claim in Busan Gimhae

That’s about it for today, we’ll be back soon with more photos and videos from Korea and Australia.

Ciao 🙂

Alex Achille

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