Woke up this morning for the first time in Changwon, which reminds me a bit as far as the landscape of my home region Abruzzo which also features a lot of hills mountains and green areas. The biggest difference though is that this is a big production area for many of Korea’s big brands.

Green Tea for breakfast in Korea

Breakfast at home in Korea is very different to what I am used to in Italy. Korean breakfast is much more similar to an english breakfast with a lot of food to give you plenty of energy for a days work, in Italy we usually  tend to have a lighter breakfast, coffee and cookies or a piece of cake. While here fish rice and soup are common to be found on a table to start the day.

Later in the day we went out for lunch to a Chinese/Korean Restaurant, were i tested all my skills in eating with metal chopsticks.

img_5802 img_5804 img_5805 img_5806

We shared a few starters and and seconds we all chose our own dish, i adventured myself into a Korean traditional dish: Jajangmyeon.

Jajangmyeon in Korea

At a first glance i wasn’t sure i was going to enjoy it, but as i dug in the taste was surprisingly good. The dish is noodle based topped with a thick pork and vegetable sauce, I’ll be honest it’s not the easiest thing to eat with chopsticks if you are a beginner.

After a big lunch Bin (my girlfriend) and I felt like we needed to stretch our legs a bit so we went to a local shopping mall, just to take a look at the stores. We also went into the supermarket. Being italian I am used to buying pasta in large quantities, but had never seen 10kg packages of rice (that’s probably the amount my entire family in Italy will eat in 1 year!).

Big rice sacks in korean supermarket

Will have dinner before I call it a day, keep reading for more stories from Korea (now) and Australia (soon).

Ciao 🙂

Alex Achille

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