I decided to go out for a walk this afternoon, it’s Saturday and although the air is starting to cool down the sun is warm, and it’s really pleasant to be outside. The many hills around my hometown are home to many trails, and give the opportunity to enjoy endless hours of trekking. 

Today in particular i decided to make my way up to the top of the San Giuliano hill which looks over the city of L’Aquila in Abruzzo. The walk isn’t too long or too hard either if you are reasonably fit, and the views from the top are the best reward ever for your efforts.


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View from the top

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View on the other side of the hill


The path i took is about 1 hour long and will take you up the hill to the cross (the mountain is also called commonly “La Crocetta” from the people in L’Aquila which translates to “the small cross”) and will bring you back down the back of the hill and eventually leading you back to your starting point.

On your way down you will the forest that covers the hill and it is like entering a fairy tale setting, birds singing trees and green everywhere, if you are stressed and need to find relaxation this is the place to be. Just make sure there are no menacing clouds in the sky as it’s not the nicest of experiences being stuck out there in the rain or even worse in a thunderstorm.

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On our way down


Well that’s all for today keep following us! 🙂



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