No this is not going to be my usual post, nor is it my usual video or vlog. This time I’m going to dip my feet into reality a bit and bring you with me talking about why my channel and very likely your channel too, will never succeed on Youtube. I’ll be putting my advertiser hat on and giving my opinion.

So this is it. The platforms like Youtube and Facebook make almost all their revenue from advertising, which is served next to or before the content. So if you are already a big Youtuber or already manage a big Facebook page, all of this doesn’t apply to you. Simply because your content is already producing revenue for the platforms which are serving ads around your content.

If instead you are like me a small youtuber, it applies fully to you. You don’t produce enough traffic to make money for the platform so there is no interest or focus towards you. But there is one more way that these platforms can make money out of you. Simply by selling you the visibility that you would like to have but can’t manage to achieve “organically”. How? through advertising of course, it’s as simple as that.

So to sum it up, don’t get into making videos with a monetizing goal, you’re not going to get anywhere trust me. Just do it if you really love it, to develop your skills to share your talent and passion with other people and to talk about it. And that’s my two cents.


Alex Achille

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