So I’m back. First thing first, I owe this vlog and blog post to a Youtube subscriber of mine. I was asked this question on Youtube ut I am also asked on a daily basis, why did you leave Dubai and your Emirates job? And what was life like in Dubai?

So that wrappes up the why behind this video and the topic. So I’ll sum up what the video is about for those of you who prefer reading it rather than watching the video. Also because I suppose that it wouldn’tlook super nice to land on an empty page. :p

I left Dubai simply because I got tired of my life, I spent three years flying around the world and every place started to look like the other. I wan’t loving what I was doing anymore. And that was the red alert that something was wrong in my life.

When you stop loving what you do it means it is time to make some changements. And that was exactly what I did. I quit my job at Emirates as a cabin crew and moved back to Italy and started working as a freelancer in the advertising field.

And in someway what I am doing now with this Youtube channel is a changement too, which I made to keep me loving my life and keep it interesting.

Down to the second part of the question, what was my life like in Dubai? If I were to choose one word to describe life in Dubai, it would be artificial.

Going to the mall everytime you want to meet up some friends isn’t exactly what an Italian conceives as the perfect social life. Also the fact that 8 months a year are too hot to be outside is something I didn’t love. But don’t take me wrong I had fun, a lot of fun, but I think I did it at the right age and I quit at the right moment.

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Alex Achille

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