I’m back, I’m managing to post regularly every monda, I hope to be able to keep it up for the next posts too. This week was a concentrate of celebrations in our family, first my grandma became 94 and just 2 days later it was my brother’s birthday, but that will be in part 2 of the blog and vlog.

Going back to today’s post, it was Friday evening and after a long week and day we really felt like having some fast food, in particular Mc Donald’s. I don’t know where you are logging in from but here in Italy, and in other countries in Europe too, beer is served in the restaurants with the food. I asked my wife Bin and she told me that it isn’t served in Korea, I must say I absolutely love the fact that beer is served here in Italy. You also have the option of choosing red beer or normal beer. 🙂

After having eaten way too much we decided to go for a walk in L’Aquila’s city center to start burning it off, but it was kind of cold because it snowed on the mountains surrounding the city in the last few days which made the temperatures drop, so we decided to make our way back home to warm up and get some rest and keep our cat Daisy company. 😉

Well I’ll leave you to watch the video please don’t forget to push the like button and subscribe to our channel, and see you next week.


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