Ok I know I’ve gone from vlog 1 to vlog 4 but i’ll cactch up on the other posts soon. This is kind of a Christmas special vlog and blog post event though I’m only publishing it on boxing day.

So I wanted to talk to you about some Italian Christmas traditions, but more in particular, one tradition which is unique to my home town of L’Aquila.

Here, deep in the heart of Abruzzo, it is tradition that on Christmas eve all the city meets up in one of the city’s piazze for a huge aperitivo. It’s a chance to meet up with friends before xmas, and have some (quite a few actually) drinks together.

This starts in the morning, the first people start arriving around 10:30, and ends at sundown when it’s time to head home to start with the big Italian traditional Christmas eve dinner.

Also big is the Christmas day lunch which starts around 1 and goes on until 4:30-5:00 pm, an incredible amount of food for one day!

So that’s all I wanted to say before leaving you to the video. I hope you enjoy it, if you do please give it a thumbs up on youtube, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, you’ll find the link on the sidebar of everypage of this blog.

Thank you so much Merry Christmas and see you soon! 😉

Alex Achille

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