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Back to today’s post, we’re heading down to the south of Abruzzo in central Italy about 2 hours from Rome to the town of Scanno and its lake. If you’ve been to any of Italy’s lakes in northern Italy, as lake Como and Garda, this is nothing like those. First of all it’s a fraction of the size of those lakes, and secondly it’s hidden in a mountainous area.

The drive to the town and the lake is extremely beautiful, the road is carved into the rock on the edge of the mountainside, so make sure to have your cameras ready from the moment you leave the motorway and get onto the small mountain road.

Once you reach the lake you’ll have to keep driving another 6 km to reach the town, which is in the limited group of Italy’s most beautiful ancient towns (Borghi Più Belli D’Italia). One piece of advice if you’re planning to visit in the summer season, keep in mind that almost every day in the mountainous areas of Abruzzo it rains from 3 to 5.

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