Hi again everyone, back with a new video of our lives in Abruzzo Italy! πŸ™‚ If this is the first time you visit my site nice to meet you and make sure to visit even the about us page to find out all about us and what all the site is about.

Back to today’s post, we really felt like we needed to get some exercise and enjoy a bit of fresh air over the weekend so we decided to head out to one the many mountain trails that surround the city of L’Aquila in Italy where we live.

We chose the most popular walk of them all of the city, “la Madonna Fore” which translated literally means “Virgin Mary Out of the City”. The path takes it’s name from the homonymous church at the end of the path, which is centuries old and was one of the few at the time of its construction to be outside the city walls.

The trail is only a portion of a longer trail that takes you all the way up to the top of one of the mountains that overlooks the city of L’Aquila, which is a bit tougher and steeper, so you need to be a bit more fit to complete that trek compared to the simple Madonna Fore trek.

The walk takes you through the woods, the path has lighting for the evening hours but I wouldn’t recommend going after dark on your own. The walk during the day though is safe and good even for people that aren’t extremely fit (I’m one of them πŸ™‚ ), and you’re sure to come across many people on their way up and back down.

Many people hit the path early in the morning before going to work or after office hours just to burn up some calories and get rid of the day’s stress.

Well that’s enough talking, I hope you enjoy the video.

Alex Achille

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