It’s a slow time in Italy at the moment, if you aren’t very familiar with Italy, you must know that August is the month in which 70% of Italians goes on holidays so the big cities shut down a lot of stores close. Even L’Aquila (where we live) which isn’t exactly a big city is quieter than usual in this month. 

Also I was really surprised to find out that Italy have a public holiday on the same day, the 15th of August. In Italy it’s a religious holiday and it is the biggest summer holiday, while in Korea it has a political origin, as it’s independence day.

Anyhow all of this brings us to today’s episode, because we headed out to the city center to visit a dressmaker (I couldn’t remember the word in the video! “-.-) to create a sample for us but we didn’t take into consideration that they might have been closed for the holidays, and in fact they were.

So we decided to get our hair cut, this was one of the things that Bin feared doing the most because of her previous experience in Italy when she came out of the salon with really curly hair! We both agreed it was due to the difference between Italian hair and Korean hair. It’s not something you think about every day but the type of hair is substantially different, Korean hair is thicker and requires special care compared to Italian hair, unfortunately for us the previous time bin got her hair cut in Italy the hairdresser wasn’t used to it!

But I must say that i think we found the right place for Bin!

Anyhow I’ll leave you to the video!

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