Back again, this time I’m back with a video somewhat closer to a travel vlog? No really sure itโ€™s kind of a 50/50. Let’s put this way, you tell me, in a comment if you think it’s a travel vlog or a work related video.

Anyhow I will be totally honest with you, I shot the video not really knowing the topic of the episode. Then when I got home in the evening it hit me. So I decided to talk about what it is like to co-work or go on business trips with family.

It all started a few days ago when I had to travel to Florence, Tuscany with my dad. I just took my camera with me and started shooting. Actually, interesting note, this was the first time I vlogged in front of my dad, he found it quite strange. Ok so that said, I taped our trip and thought about the pros and the cons of working with family.

There are a few problems which you must overcome. For instance the main and biggest problem to overcome is to manage to separate family life from work life. Being able to not let the inevitable work arguments ruin your family life. Also you need to have or develop a very strong relationship with the family member you work with or spending hours on end will be hell.

But on the other side if you manage to overcome this problems you might face, your work life could not get any better.

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