I’m back, with another episode, so we got all the wedding celebrations and wedding formalities done and it is time to go back to normal life and business.

I had to go for work to one of Abruzzo’s (Italy) most amazing locations soI decided to bring you along. The place is called Monastero Fortezza di Santo Spirito and it is a wedding location / Castle Hotel, a very exclusive location. It is simply stunning, the 700 year old monastery sits on the top of a hill which overlooks the L’Aquila valley and has a clear view of the Gran Sasso d’Italia.

The structure is made out of stone and has it’s own chapel where couples get married.

It’s been very busy days and didn’t have much time to do anything, but I tried to squeeze in taping for the Vlog and Blog whenever I had the chance, but on the weekend we slowed down a bit and had the chance to go get ourselves a new light for our bedroom as our old one had broken and had left us in the dark. 🙂

Anyhow that’s enough talk will be back next week with a new episode! 🙂

See you soon!


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