So if you live in Europe, or anywhere in the northern hemisphere I think, you probably have noticed, that it’s still gray and cold outside. There are clouds covering the sky, cold winds coming from Russia (in Europe), it’s been snowing over the past week (here in Italy). So I got sick of this mixed up situation and went out and made a video about it. If I don’t get to enjoy blue skies, I’ll enjoy making a video about finding spring.

To be completely honest with you, cold weather and snow at this stage of the year isn’t unheard of. We have had snow at easter a number of times here in L’Aquila. People go skiing up to the end of april on Gran Sasso, just a few kms from here.

I’ll share a little secret with you, it’s always a struggle here in L’Aquila to find something to vlog about. Also finding the time is not another easy thing. My job as a freelancer doesn’t leave me much time ususally.

That said, I always seem to manage to find something to vlog about. This is my personal video gym. I hope my skills are improving, and this is where you come into play. I rely on you to advise me about whatyou like, what not and where I should work more to improve the quality of the vlog. After all that is the most important thing.

I’ve gone on talking way too much so I’ll leave you to watch the video, don’t stop here movo on to other ones and remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Alex Achille

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